Photo an Hour: 20th March, 2016

My photo an hour for March was taken on what was a pretty lazy, but also pretty tiring Sunday… I decided that it would be a grand idea to stay awake after a 12-hour night shift and take a photo an hour in the process. I mostly spent the day in a zombie-like sleep-deprived state, though it was sunny and relaxing, nonetheless! Jack should take full credit for keeping me awake and reminding me to take photos throughout the day!


7am – As soon as I got in, I made coffee and collapsed on the sofa, then stared outside at the birds flying in and out of the trees outside. This magpie was having a grand old time!



8am – I watched an episode of HIMYM (started watching it whilst on this placement, it’s perfect for a silly/funny programme when I need to be awake but don’t want to use up brain power!), joined by Ginger on the sofa and Barns by the door, and then I jumped in the bath.



9am – Jack got home (he stayed at Ally’s to watch the F1!) and we started thinking about breakfast… We decided to use his awesome new siphon!



10am – Breakfast, coffee and kitty playtime… Lazy, lazy Sunday morning.



11am – … Another cup of coffee (and a few more toys caught and taught a lesson) later, we decided to go for a wander to the seafront!



12pm – Very slowly, we wandered down to the seafront and plopped onto a bench to watch the world go by for a bit. After a while, we worked our way up past some cute B&Bs, shops and pubs, to try and find somewhere nice to sit down for a spot of lunch.



1pmLe Petite Petanque answered our wish for lunch! I had a ridiculously decadent milkshake, Jack had a flat white and we shared a meat board. Yum!

DSC_0950 DSC_0963


2pm – We wandered home to the kitties, and I dozed in and out of kitty cuddles, kitty playtime and chatting with Jack. Mister Ginger was looking out of the living room windows with a fair amount of curiosity for this photo!



3pm – Lovely Jack reading the paper (after waking me up from a doze to take my photo for the hour!).



4pm – Cuddles with mister Barns, before getting up to get some photo editing done…



5pm – Photo editing, blogging, reviewing some university paperwork, and then settling down to some PC games!



6pm – Making a start on a Sunday roast…



7pm – Wine o’clock!



8pm – One Sunday roast achieved! We pogged in front of the television, though I don’t recall what we watched. We’ve been working our way through a bunch of awesome shows lately – The Night Manager, Thirteen, Community, Lie to Me…



9pm – Time to clean up the evidence before playing some Don’t Starve Together!



10pm – Kitty cuddles whilst gaming with Jack is the best. Especially when I have a glass of wine too. Hurrah!



11pm – Time for a whole lot of kitty cuddles! The cats are actually getting on pretty darn well with each other, and are in the middle of getting to know our next door neighbour’s cat too (!) which is interesting/entertaining to watch at the moment…



So, that was our Sunday! It was the perfect mix of home, seaside, dozing and dinner, if I’m honest. If you want to take a gander at previous photo an hour posts, check out my a photo an hour tag. I’ve already taken my photo an hour for April (!) so hopefully the photos from that day will be online shortly, too.


Have a lovely Friday folks – take care!


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