Photo an Hour: 20th August, 2016


Happy Friday gang! Here’s my photo an hour post taken a few weeks ago when we had a grand day out at the Bermondsey Beer Mile as a belated birthday-day for Jack. We had a pretty rad day, as you will no doubt be able to tell from the photos! Here they come…



8am – Up and at ’em! Dressed, cats fed, ready to make our way to the station…



9am – My mister on the train! We had a good laugh listening to My Dad Wrote A Porno, both on the way into London and on the way back out. We were cackling quite a lot on the journey home, if I’m honest…



10am – 5 minutes after we got off of the train, it started completely chucking it down! We took brief shelter before making a dash to our first destination.



11amHej Coffee Co! Omnomnom..! Coffee, bagels and cinnamon buns.



12am – We met up with Bags and grabbed ourselves a table at BBNo., then ordered our first drinks of the day!



1pm – A few drinks in…



2pm – After lots of other folk arrived, we had one more drink at BBNo. and then made our way over to The Bottle Shop, where some sour goodness usually awaits..!



3pm – Two of my favourites! ♥



4pm – Next up was The Doodle Bar!



5pm – Lovely Jarvis having a cuddle at The Doodle Bar.



6pm – On to The Draft House!


DSC_4109 DSC_4111

7pm – We played Codenames and had some glorious dinner (I had mac ‘n’ cheese and it was ACE) with a few more beers…



8pm – Last beers of the day!



9pm – We made our way back to Fenchurch Street.



10pm – Westcliff Station, being guarded by a very bright, full moon.



11pm – After a pootle home, we were greeted by two hungry kitties who demanded their dinner, and then made as much of a fuss of us as we made of them! D’aw.


So yeah, a rad day all round, really. Also, we picked up a huge bottle of water on our way from the station to Hej, which we scoffed on our way round, and as a result we felt pretty sober when we got home – and fine the next morning… Whoop whoop!


If you’re a fan of beer, like we are, the Bermondsey Beer Mile is definitely a mighty fine way to spend your Saturday! Last time we stopped in Anspach & Hobday too, but this time it was far too crowded, so we gave it a miss.


Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed a look at our Saturday spent beer hunting… Take care folks!


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