Photo an Hour: 21st October, 2017


After my photo an hour post for September, I decided to attempt to keep the photo an hour posts going for the rest of 2017. Who knows how well we’ll fare when December rolls around… But here’s one that I managed in October at the bi-annual LAN party!


9am – Tea to start the day! I’m still very much not into coffee, and Rob & Lauren have the best selection of tea at their house. Yum! I can’t remember whether this was New York Breakfast Tea or some kind of dessert tea (brownie or similar) but it was delicious!


10am – Slowly starting the day with some games…


11am – Jack managed to get through a good amount of Cuphead during the LAN weekend! I was mostly playing CSD2 when we weren’t all playing together.


12am – Lauren prepping our delicious lunch and a new pot of tea. Yum!


1pm – Finishing off some games before we had our lunch – lime soup! Which was absolutely delicious.


2pm – A quick visit to the supermarket to restock our food supplies…


3pm – Stroop waffles! Perfect over a cup of dessert tea and devoured whilst playing L4D2.


4pm – Next up we played Memoir ’44!


5pm – Cocktail break (non alcoholic for myself and Dave!) before the next game…


6pm – Mysterium!


7pm – Pizza and cocktail break!


8pm – More L4D2! ♥


9pm – Cocktails while waiting for our takeaway to arrive, and then tucking in as soon as it reached us.


10pm – More cocktails! Throughout pregnancy I haven’t been particularly bothered about “missing out” on alcohol, and I thought that being at Rob & Lauren’s (aka cocktail heaven!) would really make me miss it… But they made a special list of non-alcoholic cocktails for me which were all absolutely delicious. So awesome and very much appreciated!


11pm – Our last game of the day – Formula D!


12pm – A small cake break…


1am – At this point we were only about halfway through a game (!) but I was absolutely knackered, so took myself and my baby bump to bed. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would though, and look forward to playing it again!


As always, a super enjoyable day, and fantastic weekend overall. Jack and I lovingly referred to it as our “baby moon”, as that was pretty much what it was for us! Hope you enjoyed this look at our day –  if you fancy looking at previous photo an hour posts click here or use the tags at the top of this post. Take care folks!

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