Photo an Hour: December 21st, 2014


Here it is, the final photo an hour post for the year! I spent the day with the wonderful Sarah, mostly in London, visiting my favourite museum (the Natural History Museum in South Kensington!). Without further ado…


9am – Coffee and waffle making o’clock! I stayed at Lousey’s on the Saturday night, after a night spent with Lousey, Hillery, Luke and Sarah.



10am – Waffles made, bacon fried, maple syrup drizzled, and lots of omnomnomming later, we said goodbye to Catniss. Sarah and I dropped Lousey and Hillery off at the train station and popped to Sarah’s before walking to the station ourselves (poor Luke had to go to work!).



11am – Sarah and I grabbed some coffee at the train station and then got a train to Fenchurch Street…



12pm – … And then got the tube to South Kensington, to the best museum in the world!



1pm – We arrived just in time to see Lousey’s Nature Live talk on Extreme Arthropods!



2pm – Sarah and I wandered around the NHM, and made sure to say hello to the lovely new Stegosaurus (!!!) as well as checking out the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.



3pm – I took Sarah to try the delights of the fabulous Little Japan, and we both had noodle soup (I had duck, Sarah had salmon – yum!).



4pm – We had a wee walk around South Kensington, before waving goodbye to the NHM and hopping back on the tube.



5pm – Back on the train home!



6pm – A certain ginger kitten was very happy to see me, and asked for some evening entertainment (lots of ball throwing, feather catching and cardboard box mangling!).



7pm – I wrote my link round-up post for the week, caught up on some e-mails and then put some Christmas cards up in the living room… It’s looking a lot like Christmas around here!



8pm – Holly lent me this fabulous book by Tom Cox, and I’ve been chortling my way through it this week.



9pm – Time to sit down to watch The Apprentice final! (And cuddle a mister Barns whilst doing so!)



10pm – A cup of fruit tea to end the programme.



11pm – Reading some more of the fabulous Tom Cox and his feline friends’ antics whilst getting ready for bed, and then, catching some zzzs!


… You guys! A full set of 12 photo an hour posts for 2014! At least I’ve succeeded with one of my resolutions..! Hope you enjoyed this post and the others – if you haven’t seen the rest of them yet, please click on the links below..!

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