Photo an Hour: 21st December, 2016


So here it is, you guys, my last photo an hour post from 2016! It’s always a weird feeling, coming to all of these posts at the end of the year and feeling like the slate is about to be wiped clean. It’s nice that Christmas and New Year always come with a good dose of glitter to help with that…

I shot these photos on a Wednesday – it was a lovely day spent mostly in London. In the morning we had trouble tearing ourselves away from our pillows, and we left a hell of a lot later than we’d initially planned! I ended up taking more than one photo for a few of the hours… Mostly because there were lots of lovely things to photograph! Anyway, here come the photos. Enjoy!


7am – Otherwise known as where-is-the-coffee-gimme-gimme-coffee o’clock.


8am – Kitties playing post-breakfast, getting dressed and picking my earrings for the day…


9am – It’s a santa earrings day! In the car and on our way to drop both of our cars at the garage.


10am – Cars dropped off, waiting at the station closest to the garage to jump on a train into London. This photo made me realise just how old and sad my favourite boots are getting. Sad trombone!


11am – Coffee and a pastry at the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs in Shoreditch. Omnom!


12am – We spent a good hour or so wandering around Shoreditch picking up a few gifts and looking at the Christmassy displays (and picking up some of our favourite doughnuts from Crosstown, yum!).


1pm – We went for a little wander to Patty and Bun and had a burger and some fries before picking up a few more bits and pieces… (And some cute cards!)


2pm – We had a little turn around the Christmassy scenes at Liverpool Street before jumping on the Central Line to Ealing Broadway. I had to take advantage of these shiny baubles on the big tree at Liverpool Street!


3pm – We managed to find our way to The Drapers Arms to go for a few drinks with Caroline and Nori. We were a bit early, and they were a bit late…


4pm – But when they arrived we swapped Christmas presents and had a lovely catch-up!


5pm – A few drinks later, just as our food was arriving!


6pm – We walked back to the station to get ourselves to Piccadilly Circus…


7pm – Where we went to Picturehouse Central, where Ally was having a party to celebrate getting a new job. Yay! These pretty lightbulbs were decorating the main stairway – so pretty.


8pm – We decided to take advantage of the photo booth, because let’s face it, who can resist?! (Not me!)


9pm – After a couple of beers, we swapped gifts with Ally and Ali and then made a move to start our journey home. Bye bye lovely members’ bar!


10pm – On the train home…


11pm – When we got home, we were greeted by the sparkling lights of our tree, two excited kitties and a few deliveries and cards at the front door!


What a marvelous day! If you enjoyed this look at my day, please click here to see some past photo an hour posts. Otherwise, this is my sign-off post before Christmas (!) so I’d like to take this chance to wish you a wonderful Christmas – I hope you get to spend precious time with your favourites and make some beautiful memories over this Christmas time. Take care of yourselves and the ones you love!


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