Photo an Hour: April 22nd, 2015


A photo an hour for April (my, I’m a bit behind, aren’t I?!). This day was our trip to Loddiswell in Devon, where Jack and I took a lovely holiday in a gorgeous place we found on Airbnb. Please read/look on…


6am – Early wake-up time! We got dressed, made some coffee in a flask for our journey, packed our stuff and said goodbye to the cats! (This is Fudge!)



7am – Starting our journey to Devon!



8am – Stopped off briefly for some petrol and sweets, then got back on the road…



9am – … Still on the road!



10am – We stopped off for coffee and breakfast in Salisbury. Yay! We were running low on coffee in the flask we bought by this point… So breakfast and coffee was very welcome!



11am – We took a wander around Salisbury Cathedral. Swoon! The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed gawping over the Cathedral and the grounds, as well as Salisbury in general.



12pm – Back on the road… The view from my window.



1pm – … Nearly there!



2pm – In Exeter! Before stopping for lunch, we bought a ridiculous amount of cheese from Quickes Traditional (no photos I’m afraid) and then saw a sign for The Beer Engine, where we stopped off for lunch and a beer. The food was grand, and so was the beer (made by The Beer Engine microbrewery!).



3pm – Enjoying the sunshine before popping back into the car for the tiny drive to Loddiswell…



4pm – Loddiswell! Our lovely hosts recommended that we have a gander around the Blackdown Rings before arriving, so we did just that!



5pm – Home for the next few days. Yay! If you fancy being nosey (it’s worth it, honest) take a gander at this gorgeous home on airbnb. (Isn’t that chandelier amazing?!)



6pm – Having a mug of fruit tea after unpacking and having a good poke around. Such a beautiful place!



7pm – 365 self-portrait time! We listened to some music and made silhouette shapes by these lovely curtains, before making a start on dinner.



8pm – Pogged ourselves full of pizza and then lazed about a bit. I had to take a photo of these fantastic lights (they remind me of stingrays!).



9pm – Beer and chocolate time. My favourite!



10pm – Phew, bedtime! We were both ready for a snooze at this time, as it was a bit of a long day.



There you have it, the start of our little holiday in Loddiswell, Devon. We had a wonderful few days and looking at these photos makes me want to go back! Hope you enjoyed seeing them too.


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