Photo an Hour: August 22nd, 2015


This was one of the loveliest days in forever – Jack and I spent the day in London pottering about, before going for a gorgeous evening meal and then meeting Bags for cocktails at Meltdown. Here goes..!


10am – A lay in, before getting up and getting on with things! As soon as I was dressed, I got a shimmy on and jumped in my car to drive to Jack’s.



11am – I stopped on my way to take a photo of the sky. It takes quite a while to get to Jack’s from mine, so I’m glad I had some cheery weather on my journey!



12pm – Finally with Jack! After dropping my stuff at his, he drove us to Barbican…



1pm – First things first – lunchtime! We had lunch at Granger&Co, where we had the most delicious food and coffee – so much so, that I’m really keen to go back for more food and cocktails. Yum!



2pm – We had a beer each at The Dovetail. I’m secretly in love with this place because Jack and I were drinking here when I found out I had an unconditional offer to study midwifery… So I am forever happy to return here! We both had a cherry beer, though by different breweries! Omnom.



3pm – Post haircuts at ESHK! We popped nextdoor to Goswell Road Coffee, grabbing some coffee before going for a walk. Mmm, coffee.



4pm – We strolled through Duncan Terrace Gardens to walk to Islington. These pretty sculptures are there, and they’re one of two sculptures called “Spontaneous city in the Tree of Heaven”.



5pm – In Waterstones after having some frozen yoghurt and browsing a few shops.



6pm – More coffee! I’m sure this looks ridiculously posed, but it’s actually not! I believe this was The CoffeeWorks Prokect – we bought coffee just before they closed and took advantage of the seats outside before relaxing at the green for a while.



7pm – In Le Mercury, drinking our first glass of Sauvignon Blanc before ordering our delicious dinner…



8pm – Romantic candlelight time! We had a scrumptious dinner, before strolling over to Meltdown.



9pm – Meltdown! We met Bags at Meltdown and had some cocktails…



10pm – … And then some beers whilst playing Super Smash Bros!



11pm – We ended the night with a few last beers at a pub down the road from Meltdown. We were happy to discover they had some Brewdog loveliness!



Phew! Like I said, a really happy fun-packed day. Bonus points times a million for getting to spend it with my favourite person in the world! Hope you enjoyed seeing what we got up to – click on the tags at the top of the post to see more of my photo an hour posts if you fancy it… Happy Tuesday friends!


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