Photo an Hour: November 23rd, 2014


My gosh, November has been and gone, and it’s nearly the end of 2014! I did my Photo an Hour post for November back on the 23rd, but have been taking my time editing the photos. It was a wee bit of a lazy day for me (an actual Sunday that was Sunday-shaped, as I didn’t have work!), so the photos aren’t the most exciting… Hope you enjoy them anyhoo!


9am – Coffee o’clock! Fittingly in my Special Agent Dale Cooper mug, as I had introduced Sarah to Twin Peaks the night before…



10am – Sarah and I foraged for food. We were going to be lazy and eat elsewhere, but nowhere was open! So we bought some lovely bits and cooked them at home.



11am – Beans!



12pm – I introduced Sarah to the fabulous Hyperbole and a Half.



1pm – It was a rainy, rainy Sunday.



2pm – Lovely autumn leaves outside.



3pm – Barnabee distracting me from getting any work done, by sitting in my chair so that I can’t…



4pm – Time to play some L4D2!



5pm – Dinner time for Squirrel!



6pmTook my 365 self-portrait for the day. This one was inspired by Annika Norlin’s fabulous song “November”.



7pm – Back to playing some L4D2!



8pm – … Still at it!



9pm – Tea break from my PC, a fuss for Barns and a wee tidy of my room.



10pm – Tucked up in my pajamas, playing a quick game of Diablo III to finish off a lovely lazy day.



11pm – Ready for bed, with my wonderful fox eye mask. Ahh!



… As I said, a rather lazy day! Only one more photo an hour post to go for this year (!) – keep your eyes peeled for the December post…


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