Photo an Hour: 23rd December, 2015


Happy Friday guys! Here’s a look back to December (how does it feel so long ago already?!) with my photo an hour post for December. Just two days before Christmas, but plenty of Christmas cheer…

10am – We had a bit of a lay-in, then popped down to the kitchen just before 10am to pop the coffee on.



11am – After coffee and breakfast, it was time to open the advent calendar and see which beer we had!



12pm – A spot of gaming (we’ve been playing Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime – very silly, so perfect for us..!) before getting on with the day.



1pm – Getting ready for the main task of the day – attempting to bake Alice’s walnut mushroom cookies! We needed walnut meal for them, so we got to cracking some walnuts…



2pm – Beavertown Gammaray having a photoshoot for my beer advent calendar project!



3pm – Grinding our freshly cracked walnuts!



4pm – Baking ahoy!



5pm – Here are our freshly baked stems. Omnomnom. I should probably mention at this point that we were also attempting to make the strawberry almond mushroom cookies at the same time… We ended up making the dough and popping it into the fridge to finish the next day!



6pm – Our first mushroom!



7pm – We left the cookies and went to get ready for the annual Oak Christmas meal. Whilst we were getting ready, I noticed Catniss guarding the bathroom for us. D’aw.



8pm – The Oak Christmas meal time! Here’s Holly (our fabulous meal organiser!) and Billy!



9pm – Wonderful Jack!



10pm – Lovely Emma!



11pm – We got down to decorating the cookies as soon as we got in – here they are! I wasn’t too sure about the taste before we added the chocolate… But after the chocolate I was sold!



12am – … Don’t worry guys, this was taken just before midnight! (My specifics to my daily self-portrait project is that my photos have to be taken during the actual day, rather than sleep to sleep!) A quick snap whilst playing some more Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime!



Hope you enjoyed the photos folks – have a fab Friday and a great weekend whatever you’re up to!

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