Photo an Hour: 24th February, 2016

Here’s my photo an hour for February! It was a mid-week day on one of my days off, and my mum and step-dad came over to help me with some DIY shenanigans. It ended with some shopping, kitty cuddles and silliness with chocolate. Without further ado…


9am – Got up with Jack for work and drank a whole lot of coffee… But my initial photos for photo an hour usually feature coffee, so instead, I took a photo of our neighbour’s chimney…



10am – Bongo! Popped over to Elise’s with mum for some violinery and got to cuddle with this little mister for a bit too.



11am – Putting my violin to bed…



12pm – Tea break! Thought after all the coffee in the morning I’d try these liquorice and peppermint tea bags Caroline got me for Christmas!



1pm – DIY shopping time! Paint, paint, paint, and a bunch of other things which weren’t nearly as colourful and exciting to behold once finished…



2pm – Lunch stop, featuring some delicious kiwi fruit. Omnom!



3pm – Time to get painting!



4pm – … Painting is a messy business. At least, when I’m doing it, it is.



5pm – Making a few lists before braving the rush hour traffic and driving to Lakeside.



6pm – Mooching about in M&S. I’m spending more time in the home section than anything else these days… I ended up buying a pretty photo frame rather than a mug (we have an army of mugs already!).



7pm – Met Jack from the station and we went straight to Wagamama for dinner (and took the chance to have one of our favourite beers in the process!).



8pm – Technically, this photo was taken at more 2100 than 2000… But we spent the next hour in IKEA grabbing a few things that we’ve been after. Some of which you can see in this photo!



9pm – Back to mum’s for a quick hello (and a cuddle with the kitties!) and to pick some bits and pieces up, then we drove home…



10pm – Home! We unpacked our many new purchases and then settled in front of Netflix to cuddle and nom on some chocolate for a bit…



11pm – … That chocolate I was talking about? Perfect for making heart emoji faces! And a pretty good way to end the day, too!



Phew! There you have it. It was a pretty productive day overall – you couldn’t see in the photos, but our office was nearly finished at that point which has meant we’ve been able to tidy up a lot more and give things a home… Ah, tidy bliss!


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