Photo an Hour: May 24th, 2015


Here’s a photo an hour from May 24th – it was a lazy Sunday, staying at home and pootling about for the most part…


9am – Coffee o’clock! Fuel for the morning, with my wonderful Twin Peaks mug.



10am – Trying to get into cooking mode a bit more at the moment, so I spent some time perusing some cookbooks as well as scouring the internet for inspiration.



11am – A wee march around the garden with a certain ginger mister…



12pm – Putting the finishing touches to the link round-up post for the week, then hitting the publish button!



1pm – Hanging some clothes on the washing line, pootling about getting bits and bobs done.



2pm – I’m currently working my way through Mayes’ Midwifery… Slowly but surely!



3pm – A spot of gardening! In the form of re-doing the hanging baskets to freshen them up and put some new flowers in.



4pmWatching some 1864, having a cup of tea and pulling my knitting apart to start over again…



5pm – A spot of rain in the garden, covering the plants in pretty raindrops.



6pm – Simple mirror SP for the day, whilst listening to a bit of The Longest Shortest Time.



7pm – Jack arrived just before 7pm, and we made a start on making a yummy salad (based on this recipe, but we forgot the raspberries, doh!).



8pm – Delicious salad, and delicious beer. Yum!



9pm – Our current guilty pleasure: Don’t Starve Together.



10pm – Working our way through a few different beers…



11pm – … And then trying a few more with Netflix, in bed, with a very sleepy ginger kitty!



Ahh, there you have it – a lovely, relaxed Sunday. Hope you enjoyed seeing my day – click the “photo an hour” tag at the top of the page to have a gander at other posts, and keep your eyes peeled for the June post, as it will probably be up next week!


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