Photo an Hour: October 24th, 2015


One busy Saturday in autumn, spent between Leigh-on-Sea, Westcliff and Basildon. Here goes…


8am – Getting up and ready for a day in Westcliff and Leigh-on-Sea! Showers, dressing, feeding the cats and chucking stuff in bags…



9am – In the car, ready to get going!



10am – We met Jack’s parents for breakfast and coffee at our favourite new haunt, Stop the World Cafe. Omnom!



11am – One of my favourite brooches (the quote is from Twin Peaks, and the brooch is by Kate’s Little Store).



12pm – A quick half pint!



1pm – Pretty flowers in someone’s front garden. I liked the bright purple of the flowers contrasting with the orange of the bricks.DSC_1099


2pm – Obligatory beautiful autumnal leaves. Swoon!



3pm – Lovely Jack by the seafront, just after grabbing some fish and chips. Yum!



4pm – In the car, ready to drive back home.



5pm – Catniss! Our welcome committee… Thought unfortunately we couldn’t get in the house because someone had left their key in the front door… Oops…



6pm – … Cue a few hours spent in the car, talking nonsense. I’m glad we had the car/car keys to sit in it, because the weather started to get a bit grim!



7pm – Still waiting outside! Pretty cobwebs in the rain.



8pm – Locksmith arrived, house access achieved! Wine prize. Pognom.



9pm – Kitty cuddles!



10pm – Finishing off the bottle of wine. Yum!



11pm – Sleepy time!

There you have it! Only two more photo an hour days left in 2015, which is pretty mad. I’m starting to wonder about whether or not I’ll continue the project into 2016… We’ll see! Hope you enjoyed this look into our day in Leigh/Westcliff! Check out previous photo an hour posts by clicking here!


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