Photo an Hour: 25th February, 2017


I’ve finally managed to edit and upload my photos from my last day of a photo an hour! It was a day spent in London with Jack, Laurence and Luke – that in itself should tell you it was awesome, but add to that going to a few of my favourite places (you guys, The Whistling Shop is just wonderful!) meant it was an even more fabulous day. Yay! Carry on scrolling for the photos…

9am – The kitty wake-up call! G was patiently waiting on the mat by the door to our roof terrace, watching the birds outside…


10am – … Not to forget B! He was waiting a little less patiently, as he is a bit more vocal than G for the most part.


11am – Breakfast and first coffee of the day achieved!


12am – We topped our grinder up before heading out to the train station. These new beans had the most delicious smell.


1pm – On the train, on our way to London to meet Laurence and Luke.


2pm – Second coffee of the day courtsey of The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. Yum!


3pm – Next up, we met Laurence and Luke in Honest Burger and pogged ourselves silly whilst having a little catch-up. I decided to have the vegetarian option, and it was exactly what I needed.


4pm – After a little wander, we found ourselves in The Princess of Shoreditch, hiding from the rain! Beer was enjoyed by all, and I snapped my photo for #brilliantphotoaday…


5pm – We headed over to The Whistling Shop and settled in for a little while. So many lovely things to try..!


6pm – So many lovely things! We swapped drinks to have a try of as many things as possible, and then kept a few of the swaps, too!


7pm – One final snap of The Whistling Shop before heading off to our next destination…


8pm – Draft House! For a few more beer-shaped delights.


9pm – Our last stop-off for the day was Bone Daddies for a delicious meal. Mmm!


10pm – We worked a little of our scrumptious evening off by walking back to Fenchurch Street.


11pm – On the train home!


12pm – Two little misters were very eager to greet us when we arrived home – they snuffled their dinner up quick-sharp and then were as ready for bed as we were… Phew!


Ta-da! Bed happened pretty shortly after that photo of B – we were feeling pretty tired. Hope you enjoyed seeing our day – it’ll be time for me to shoot a post for March pretty soon..!


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