Photo an Hour: 25th March, 2017


As promised yesterday, here is my photo an hour post from March! It was a beautiful, sunny day spent being extremely indulgent… Jack’s folks came to visit us in the afternoon, and then later in the evening his sister Suki joined us too. The five of us went out for a delicious meal in the evening, after having spent a few hours sampling wine and cocktails beforehand! Here come the photos…

9am – Kitty wake-up call! Both of them were on the bed, but at opposite ends… And it’s hard to get both in one photo with a 50mm! So here’s Ginger, looking rather dainty.


10am – After coffee, cat breakfast served and some showers, we’re all feeling a bit more human and ready to tackle the day. The sunshine had both Barns and Ginger waiting to be let out onto the roof terrace!


11am – Coffee and breakfast time! Scrambled eggs with chorizo on toast. Yum!


12am – Getting ready to leave the house… (With some help from G!)


1pm – For an exciting spot of adulting, we went on a jolly to the dump! I snapped this nearby before jumping back into the car.


2pm – Back at the flat!


3pm – A spot of tidying… Before leaving the flat to meander to the seafront to meet Jack’s folks… 

4pm – Such a lovely day! 

5pm – We had a few drinks on Nicky and Howard’s sunny balcony before heading off for some cocktails and nibbles at The Royal Hotel.

6pm – Cocktails a-go-go! (And a lovely sunset!)


7pm – We headed home via Nicky and Howard’s hotel room, where Jack tried on a few jackets. Doesn’t he look dashing? Swoon!

8pm – A few drinks at our flat before Suki arrived and we all headed out to dinner at The Pipe of Port!

9pm – Wine flights FTW! We all had a magnificent feast, as well as a wine flight each (!) – so good.

10pm – YUM!

11pm – Just about ready to head home…


So! A pretty darned lovely day, all round. Hope you enjoyed the photos – check out the photo an hour tag for previous posts. Take care folks!


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