Photo an Hour: 25th June, 2016


Somehow, we’ve already hit the middle of July! I’m happy to admit that everything has been getting a bit hectic as the end of my first year at university is drawing to a close, and as a result I’m getting behind with my uploads. But hey, you guys! Here I am with my photo an hour from June (!) – 6 months of keeping up with these posts makes me pretty happy, so I just need to make sure I can manage it for the rest of 2016…


9am – Already up and at ’em! We had 8am appointments for haircuts, so here we are back from those with our shiny new hair… Not that you can really see it in this photo!



10am – Time for coffee and breakfast! We made eggs royale (yum!) and watched some Saturday morning kitchen.



11am – Quick kitty cuddles before stopping off at the post office and making our way to London.



12am – In the car, well on our way! (Don’t worry, Jack’s driving!)



1pm – Arrived at Jack’s folks’ house, just in time for Suki to make us some delicious G&Ts…



2pm – BBQ time!



3pm – The lovelies that are Jack and Bags!



4pm – Just after we finished our delicious lunch, it started pelting it down! I nabbed a few photos in the rain before darting inside…



5pm – Did I mention the G&Ts..?



6pm – On a bus, on our way to Ed’s surprise birthday party!



7pm – They were serving some delicious cocktails! So it would have been rude not to try them, right? The next few hours look extremely alcoholic, but they weren’t really – I just felt a bit odd waving my camera around at a party where I didn’t know anyone!



8pm – Cheers!



9pm – I’d also like to say that these weren’t the only cocktails being served, but the only ones I got photos of! These ones are rhubarb sours of some description, and were truly scumptious.


10pm – A quick bus ride and a little walk back to Jack’s folks house…



11pm – … And a pre-bedtime game of Epidemic!


There you have it, a day in June 2016! Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos. Now I’m off to meet Jack at the train station and have a wander down the seafront! Despite living so close to the sea, we rarely go for strolls and it seems a shame – so we’re making changes! Anyhoo, hope you’re having a grand Friday and enjoying whatever you’re up to, be it strolls along the sea front, going out for the night or an evening in with Netflix! Take care, folks.


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