Photo an Hour: 25th November, 2017


Here’s a glimpse into one of my November days! As often is the case with my photo an hour posts, it was the last day of the month that I could feasibly take a photo an hour… Because I managed to forget until the last week, oops! I managed it none-the-less, so here it is.


8am – Tea to start the day! Barns joined me for a cuddle in the kitchen…


9am – Lovely Barns enjoying one of the new vantage points in the kitchen (we moved some furniture around recently and how the chest is by the window, which helps when you’re a little kitty and you like to look outside!).


10am – Our lovely postman delivered my Oui Fresh box just before we finished making our breakfast.



11am – New lipstick courtesy of my Oui Fresh box! It’s ridiculously durable and I’m loving the colour, too. Whoo!


12am – Errand time! We visited the post office to pick up a second Oui Fresh box (yeah, I got my 1st and 2nd box on the same day – due to silly customs fees and my 1st-1st box getting lost in the post…) and then visited another post office to send some post ourselves.


1pm – We were going to get a coffee/tea and have a mooch along the sea front, but it was too chilly for that (boo!) so we snapped a quick photo, went grocery shopping and then had coffee/tea at home instead.


2pm – B enjoying the box that is currently providing lots of kitty entertainment in the living room…


3pm – Late lunch prep!


4pm – Cuddles on the sofa time.


5pm – A bit of tidying and some more unboxing! Pretty darned pleased with the first two boxes. (Though unimpressed with the ridiculous customs charge from the Post Office, grumble grumble.)


6pm – Kodama! Our first play-through…


7pm – Quickest review? Pretty, easy to pick-up and not at all taxing. Hopefully we’ll play it with a few more folks soon and see how well it fairs with more than two players, but for the now, I think it’s a good addition to our tabletop game collection!


8pm – Time for prepping a new freezer meal…


9pm – … We made this pressure cooker chile con carne recipe from Serious Eats…


10pm – … And can happily report that it’s delicious and I’m looking forward to digging out some scrumptious meals from our freezer when the baby has arrived. We’re pretty well stocked at the moment!


11pm – Lovely Ginger helping me get ready for bed! I was extremely ready for a snooze, in all honesty – I had an 8am shift-start to look forward to in the morning and the third trimester hasn’t helping my ability to sleep in the slightest. Lots of getting uncomfortable in the middle of the night and waking up because I think I need to do things (?! anyone else get this?) and many obligatory loo breaks… So yeah, sleep. Zzz…


There you have it, a Saturday in November! I’ve yet to take a post for December – part of me wants the insane task of photographing a day in the life of a newborn – but it strikes me that I should really do one ASAP… Not just because the day in the life of a newborn idea is a bit mad, but because I’m bound to go into labour if I start taking photos for a photo an hour post!


It’s logical if you ask me.


As always, follow the tags at the top of the post to see more photo an hour posts, or click here! In the meantime, in this downtime between me finishing up work and waiting for the baby, I’m posting my daily photos to Flickr and I’m also attempting to post a photo a day on my Instagram account, so check those out while I still have the time to update them, ha! Take care, folks!

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