Photo an Hour: June 26th, 2014


This month’s Photo an Hour was very almost forgotten! I remembered on the Wednesday night and shot it on the Thursday, to make sure that I wouldn’t forget…


9am – A slow morning start with a wake-up call from Barnabee, and a delicious cup of coffee.



10am – Jumped into my car to go and meet Charlotte for breakfast. Featured here is my fabulous lego-Hagrid keyring, a Christmas present from Patch.



11am – My gorgeous best friend, Charlotte! Taken after we’d gobbled our way through a fry-up each. Yum!



12pm – Onwards to Ikea! I met Lisa and Paul in the restaurant…



1pm – … Before having a slow meander through Ikea, looking at all of the lovely wares and delights, including trying out lots of the mattresses and beds.



2pm – After a long look around, we made our way towards the check-outs, followed by a stop in the bistro!



3pm – I bid Lisa and Paul farewell after we loaded the cars up with goodies (I limited myself to a single jar of gherkins & one packet of knäckebröd) and then drove back home.



4pm – I went for a little stroll around the garden with Barnabee, and then did a little bit of tidying.



5pm – I finished off my Things I Love Thursday post for the week, and then published it, before doing a little bit of photo editing.



6pm – A wee bit more tidying, a cuddle with the lovely Squirrel, and then…



7pm – Some gaming! I’m ridiculously thrilled to be in a position where I can get back to gaming again. We’ve been playing lots of Payday 2 this week.



8pm – Made a start on a strawberry dessert to pog on later in the evening, then packed my violin up, ready for a barn dance practice at Nell’s house. It’s been a year since I quit the band, so I’m a little rusty…



9pm – Tune time!



10pm – Some more tunes, a cup of tea, and then a few more tunes…



11pm – Back in the car, ready to head home.



12am – Finished off making the gorgeous strawberry dessert and finished one off whilst nattering to mum, before going to bed. In case you’re wondering, it’s full of Grand Marnier… Yum!



There you have it! A particularly lovely Thursday in June. I seemingly can’t go on about it enough, but I’m really happy to be back in Essex and thrilled to see my friends and go about all of the activities (like gaming!) that I want to do, when I want to do them. I’ll probably be a bit miffed when I have my next shift at work to do..!


3 Replies to “Photo an Hour: June 26th, 2014”

    1. It was a pretty good day (any day featuring a visit to IKEA, playing PC games and seeing loads of my favourite people is going to be, though!).

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