Photo an Hour: January 27th, 2014


One of my resolutions for 2014 is to complete a photo an hour post for each month. Here’s the January edition!


8am – Breakfast time! IKEA bread, IKEA cheese, IKEA gherkins… Topped off with a mug of Darjeeling tea. Omnomnom.




9am – I tackled a hefty pile of washing-up whilst listening to a CD of Dave playing/singing.



10am – Dave started having a major clear-out this week, and the first thing he started with was getting rid of CDs. We found a site that you can sell your CDs on and I made a start listing them on the Sunday… Unfortunately it didn’t save my efforts and I had to start again on the Monday!



11am – I took a mini-break from the CD listing and had some delicious apple and pear juice in the sweetest glass in the world!



12pm – Back to those CD listings…



1pm – Lunchtime!



2pm – A spot of photo-editing; I’ve been getting a bit behind with my Flickr uploads lately!



3pm – Taking my self-portrait for the day (and also my response to Debs’ photo in our game of photo tennis!). This SP is number 334 of this year, and my 1795th consecutive daily SP!



4pm – Time for a cup of tea and a spot of tidying/cleaning!



5pm – Catching-up with Dave when he got in from work. Talking nonsense and looking daft things up on the PC…



6pm – Still talking nonsense and watching videos on YouTube together…



7pm – Making a start on dinner…



8pm – … Et voilĂ !



9pm -I polished off a glass or two of wine whilst Owen, Dave and I surfed through some Watch Mojo episodes.



10pm – Time for an episode of Twin Peaks!



11pm – A quick whizz around the internet in bed, before giving in and making with the zzzs!



There you have it! Another not-particularly-routine-day in the life of Libby… As previously mentioned, it’s not feasible for me to do this project whilst I’m working my “9-5” so you’re only ever going to get to see my days off! Hope you enjoyed a peak into my world – hopefully I’ll manage to do one of these every month for the rest of the year!


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