Photo an Hour: March 29th, 2014


I took my sweet time to complete my photo an hour post for March… But I’m pleased I waited for the LAN party to do it! As some of you are aware, we have a bi-annual LAN party which is usually held at the offices of Brain in a Jar, but this one was held at our friends’ house (which meant I got to sleep in a bed, yay!).


8am – Black coffee and a leisurely wake-up.



9am – PCs on. Gaming commences!



10am – The next few hours tend to look pretty same-y… Gaming, gaming, gaming!



11am – … More gaming!



12pm – We took a mass coffee-break before a few of us went to the shops to forage for food.



1pm – Back from the shops, I took a wee walk outside to enjoy the sunshine whilst it was still there!



2pm – Lucy and David got to baking some delicious cookies for us all. Mmm…



3pm – The finished cookies – yum!



4pm – Time for some board games! Half of us played Scrabble (yay!) and half of us played something else… I know not what, as I was too busy playing Scrabble myself!



5pm – BBQ time!



6pm – Finishing off the BBQ and tucking into some cocktails. Mmm!



7pm – Time for my favourite game – L4D/2!



8pm – … More gaming!



9pm – Time for some bash-bash-bashing in Guns of Icarus!



10pm – Pictionary time!



11pm – Rob took an IQ test with Lucy…



12am – Time for more L4D/2, paired with some yummy white wine!



Ta-da! Yet another non-routine day in the life of me. It is, however, a pretty good indication of how LAN party weekends run! Hope you enjoyed another peek into my world… Looks like if I can manage it for three months, I may well manage the full-set for my photo an hour resolution!


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