Photo an Hour: April 29th, 2014


Similarly to March, it took me quite a while to get round to doing my photo an hour post for April! I’ve actually already got a post for May shot (!) but I may end up doing another..!


9am – Coffee and breakfast time!



10am – Off to Elise’s to play some Béla Bartók. Note the photo of Ric Sanders in my violin case…



11am – Driving back…



12pm – A waltz around the garden in the sunshine with the little mister.



1pm – Homemade coleslaw for the yummiest lunch!



2pm – More following Barns round the garden…



3pm – Sorting out some submissions for Getty Images. I only just got round to making submissions for the Moment Collection (!) so have a lot of catch-up posting to get on with.



4pm – Defrosting cherries, more Getty submissions and then making a start on baking…



5pm – Ready to go in the oven!



6pm – One happy cherry cake!



7pm – Time to shoot a quick SP in the garden while the sun is still shining!



8pm – Went for a little walk, found this funny chap on the local skateboarding ramps…



9pm – Time to relax in the bath! I gained quite a few aches and pains on my last assignment, and in my opinion, a bath full of goodies from LUSH is the only way to cure them!



10pm – Hanging with the gorgeous Squirrel!



11pm – A nightcap before bed, yum!



There you have it! This is a more routine, non-routine day in the life of me. That is to say, fairly indicative of a day where I’m not working! Here’s to hoping I can keep up this resolution for the next 8 months… There’s a Rochester Sweeps Festival post coming up, so keep your eyes peeled. Hope you enjoyed having a look at my day!


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