Photo an Hour: July 29th, 2014


Once again, I left this month’s Photo an Hour post until quite late in the month. This month has been pretty hectic though, so I can forgive myself for it!


9am – Coffee! As you’ve probably noticed, this is a predictable start to most of my days.



10am – After breakfast and a quick internet catch-up, Barns and I had a frolic in the garden. He’s been adoring the weather lately!



11am – Ma and I decided to use her old coffee maker (well, to test it, really!). Yum! So much more delicious than instant coffee!



12pm – Going through the larder to chuck things that are past their best, scrub things down and reorganise things into boxes. It’s looking clean, shiny and tidy now.



1pm – Lunchtime! I made pickled cucumber last week, and it was pretty tasty, but not as good as my favourites from Ikea. Ah well.



2pm – Another march around the garden with the little mister (before he collapsed under the walnut tree!), in between editing photographs on my PC.



3pm – Got my washing from off of the line, made my bed, did a whole host of unexciting things…



4pm – Organising my current sewing project and planning the next steps. Can you guess who the inspiration for it is?! Haha!



5pm – Making a start on cooking dinner…



6pm – Having a pause on the cooking front, to say hello to the lovely missus Squirrel.



7pm – Dinner time! Stuffed peppers and homemade rice pudding for dessert. Yum!



8pm – I was getting ready to go and meet Lisa for a wander around Laindon Hills, when I spotted this cutie in the garden. D’aw!



9pm – This is my favourite photo of the day, taken just before we left Laindon Hills – Lisa looking as gorgeous as ever, and Essex looking all twinkly in the background.



10pm – We popped back to Lisa’s for a natter and I had a delicious cup of tea before heading home.



11pm – Getting ready for bed. Yawn!



Ta-da – and there goes July! I can’t believe that August has arrived already (! And we’re well into it, at that!) but I’m having a grand time being back in Essex, and I’m enjoying working with my new client. Who knows what the rest of August will bring..! If you fancy looking at any other Photo an Hour posts, please click on one of the tags at the top of this post.


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