Photo an Hour: July 29th, 2015


I was rather late in picking my day for my photo an hour post this month – it seemed like July came and went rather swiftly! July 29th was a Wednesday spent getting a few bits and bobs done, meeting up with Charlotte, doing errands and then a lovely relaxing night in with Jack. Without further ado…


8am – Up and in the car ready to drive Jack to the station for work.



9am – Coffee, breakfast, coffee, a turn around the garden with Barns, coffee and then getting some stuff done. With uh, some more coffee. Me and coffee are in a good place right now.



10am – A spot of relaxing embroidery, whilst watching Don’t Take My Baby. Which made me cry (a lot), but I enjoyed watching it a lot.



11am – Sorting some lovely, warm pink and red hues of embroidery thread, to pack and take with me to Cheshire for the weekend! Such pretty colours.



12pm – Charlotte picked me up and we went to lunch – an all day breakfast, omnomnom!



1pm – I didn’t think to take a photo of my lunch until I had one piece of soggy bread left. So, here’s another photo of Charlotte driving (this time to a stationary store so I could do some errands… Exciting times!).



2pm – Time to do my self-portrait and #radicalselflovejuly photo for the day!



3pm – A spot of organisation with my new box files; getting ready for when I move soon (..!).



4pm – Getting down to some serious gift wrapping for someone special… It took a fair while, which you’ll understand if/when I post some photos of it later in the month. It’s definitely the elaborate gift wrapping I’ve ever done.



5pm – A stroll around the garden to make my back feel a bit happier between sessions of sitting on the floor doing wrapping! Aren’t these blueberries looking delicious? Yum!



6pm – An actual break from the gift wrapping, complete with a cuddle with lovely Squirrel, who was hiding in her favourite place on the decking (between all of the pots and behind the grasses!).



7pm – Photo editing a-go-go! This is some of the delicious cheese that Jack bought me back from his holiday in France. Not only was it delicious, but it was in the shape of a heart! Too cute.



8pm – Picked Jack up from the station after he finished work, then dragged him up to my bedroom window to take advantage of the pretty light, before stuffing our faces with dinner. Priorities, you guys.



9pm – Moody skies! It was just starting to rain when I took these. At the time, we were thinking up holiday schemes, and trying to decide which places we want to visit next. Any suggestions?



10pm – Chilling out with Squirrel. Jack is her favourite human in the whole wide world, so she was purring like crazy when I took this photo. Cute!



11pm – Getting ready for bed with my two favourite misters! We watched an episode of Jonathan Creek in bed, with this tiny, ginger monster having a bath on our legs. Happiness all around!



And then? Zzz..!


I hope you guys enjoyed this look into this Wednesday of mine – if you fancy taking a gander at other photo an hour posts, make sure to click the “photo an hour” tag at the top of the page to peruse my past posts.


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