Photo an Hour: 29th November, 2016


As the end of the year looms closer and closer, I feel like I’m in a mad rush to tidy 2016 up and wrap it with a bow… But despite my best efforts, I reckon I’ll be playing catch-up for a while – nearly halfway into December I’m posting my photo an hour from November (!) and I’m not entirely sure which day this month I will shoot my photo an hour post for December itself! Oh well…


The 29th of November was a stay-at-home-pop-out-for-chores-and-chill kind of day. I had meant to do my photo an hour the Saturday before when I was doing some more exciting things, but alas, I didn’t remember. Anyway, here come the photos from my Tuesday of chores between two thirteen hour shifts at the hospital…


8am – Just about awake enough to sit and have a coffee with Jack before he left for work!


9am – Hanging with the kitties, having breakfast and catching up on a hospital drama while I’m at it…


10am – A spot of dusting and cleaning, whilst working my way through some more coffee. Mmm, coffee!


11am – I decided to make an earnest start on my gift wrapping. No time like the present… (Ha! Ha!)


12am – There was a bit of a nest of blankets on the sofa from a chilly night a few days previous, and B was taking full advantage of them!


1pm – Put out a load of washing on our airer before popping out of the flat to get some chores done.


2pm – I picked up a parcel from the post office, did some grocery shopping and then went to the sea front to say hello the sun! Being so close to this beautiful place is something I should take advantage of more often than I do – it makes me ridiculously happy.


3pm – Back home, putting the shopping away and having a cup of tea and some lunch before inspecting the parcel I picked up (and another one which was delivered whilst I was out!) – Christmas gifts ahoy!


4pm – A shot of some nearby rooftops as the sun said goodbye for the day…


5pm – Making a start on dinner (beef casserole!).


6pm – Running a bath while the casserole bubbled away merrily. Both of the cats like to come and put their heads up to make sure they’re not missing out on anything while we’re in the bath (feline FOMO is a real thing, you guys!)… So I got a fair bit of entertainment, too!


7pm – Mister G man! Luxuriating in being in my pajamas by 1900, I gave him a fuss in front of the television for a little while before giving the casserole a bit of attention.


8pm – Jack got home work! The casserole was ready pretty much exactly on time (whoop!) so after a quick cuddle with B (who wanted his dinner too, thank you very much) we kicked back and enjoyed dinner. (This recipe, for any interested parties – easy and really tasty!)


9pm – Two orange misters were quite keen for us to play with them, so we indulged in a spot of waving strings and fluff and wool around…


10pm – A quick 365!


11pm – Ready for bed with my sleep mask at the ready. As previously mentioned, I had a thirteen hour shift the next day (beginning at 7am) so I needed to catch a few zzzs…


It already feels like a super long time ago that I was taking these photos, but then time does seem to take on a life of its own at this time of year (Christmas is next week! In 19 days it will be 2017!). Anyhoo, I hope you enjoyed this peak at my day – to see some past posts, please click here.


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