Photo an Hour: 30th July, 2016


As promised, here’s my photo an hour post from the Saturday just gone. It’s a little cycle-centric as Jack was gearing up for cycling 100 miles for Ride London on the Sunday! We stayed at a flat in Canary Wharf overnight and had a delicious meal in the evening. Without further ado…


9am – A slow, cuddly start with the kitties!



10am – A quick espresso each, before jumping in the car for a quick trip to Chelmsford…



11am – … We popped to Chelmsford to return Jack’s bike box. The depot wasn’t the prettiest, so I snapped this photo of Jack looking gorgeous in front of the bushes outside. Ta-da!



12am – Homeward bound, via our bike shop who were doing a service on Jack’s bike.



1pm – A quick trip to our butcher for sausages and bacon…



2pm … The latest breakfast ever! That said, it made it all the more delicious. Omnom!


DSC_1839 DSC_1840

3pm – Kitties gonna kit! We let them out onto the roof terrace to entertain themselves for a little while we packed our bags.



4pm – B, sprawling on the kitchen floor after having pogged through a lot of the food that was supposed to see him through the next 24 hours…



5pm – On our way to Canary Wharf!



6pm – Arrived at our airbnb flat for the night.



7pm – We popped out to get a few bits and bobs before returning to the flat – it’s the one on the right. Gotta love the range of buildings in London!



8pm – We decided to go to Bone Daddies for dinner. First things first, was two virgin cocktails which I don’t have photos of because they didn’t touch the sides. So good.


DSC_1878 DSC_1884

9pm – Bone Daddies food is awesome! Ramen FTW.



10pm – Back to the airbnb via getting some groceries so we’d both have something to pog for breakfast… With a little bit of pokémon on the way!



11pm – Back at the airbnb flat, ready to crash! … Zzz…


Phew-ee! The next day, of course, Jack woke up before 6am to get himself ready to go to the starting line for stupid o’clock – here’s a photo of him just after he finished Ride London! (Aw!) Hope you enjoyed the look into our Saturday. Take care folks!


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