Photo an Hour: September 30th, 2014


Eeeek! I left this Photo an Hour post extremely late in the month! Thankfully, I did get it done, so all is well..!


7am – I actually got up around 6am on this day (I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately) but didn’t really “get going” until I’d made myself breakfast. Bashy eggs and soldiers, omnom!



8am – The pump for my washers needed replacing, so I drove Rimmer to the garage to get it replaced.



9am – A cup of tea and an appointment with my PC. I sent some e-mails and made some phone-calls. It was a pretty productive hour (thanks to the tea, obviously)!



10am – A wee bit of knitting, before driving back to the garage to pick Rimmer up.



11am – Putting the finishing touches to my blog post about Crowdsourcing the Collection at Science Uncovered 2014, before making the post live. If you haven’t seen the post, click here!



12pm – I spent a fair while reserving some books from the library (I currently have 5 out of the 22 books I reserved! Let’s hope the rest don’t come all at once..!). I spotted these pretty flowers during a quick stroll around the garden. I was trying to find Barns, but he must have been getting up to mischief somewhere…



1pm – Lunchtime! Cheese on toast (yum!) and squash. Plus, getting up-to-date with my blog reader.



2pm – Read some of my new book by Dr Alice Roberts, rang up work to try and sort out my pay (gah!) and put some of my washing away. Reading was definitely the highlight of the hour!



3pm – Making a start on cutting some triangles for a pillow DIY I saw on A Beautiful Mess…



4pm – Getting ready to go into London to meet West, yay!



5pm – Reading a bit more of my fab new book by Dr Alice Roberts, whilst travelling on the train. This book is bloody brilliant – I’m really, really enjoying it.



6pm – Met with West in Limehouse!



7pm – We went for drinks at The Grapes, and West taught me how to play Backgammon.



8pm – West got a new macro lens recently which he brought along for the evening – it’s so brilliant! I used it for the dice photo above, this photo of West’s eye, and also the next photo of the bubbles in my pint!



9pm – Ale ale ale, gobble gobble gobble! We had moved on to the Prospect of Whitby pub by this point.



10pm – West enjoying a pint in the Prospect of Whitby.



11pm – We shot this one at the Shadwell Basin just before jumping on the tube to go home – it’s really pretty in this area. There’s lovely viewing points at both The Grapes and the Prospect of Whitby, so you can look out on the Thames… Or, y’know, you can just do silly poses in front of the basin…



… And there you have it – a lovely September day spent bumbling about at home, and an evening spent with the marvelous West! I reckon October’s photo an hour will end up being shot at the LAN party (yay!), so keep your eyes peeled for that one. In the meantime, if you can’t wait and want to look at my previous Photo an Hour posts, please click on one of the tags at the top of this page.


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