Photo an Hour: 31st January, 2016


I thought I better post my photo an hour from January before we get much deeper into February… I ended up taking the photos on the last day of January, mostly due to the non-stop craziness from packing, moving, decorating and keeping up with my university work. It was a lovely, slow Sunday, our first real day of relaxation since 2016 started, I’d say!

9am – Coffee, on our make-shift coffee table, after a well-deserved lay-in. Ahh.



10am – Still just about coffee-ing… Shortly after we decided to head out and check out Les and Gary’s before going grocery shopping.



11am – At Les and Gary’s! We were trying to find a coffee table, but alas, we couldn’t find any tables we liked enough to bring home. We did find a print, though…



12pm – … Ta-da! A rather faded Louis Wain, back home and sitting with the rest of our mad-cat-people-art!



1pm – After a spot of something to eat, we attacked our growing pile of cardboard boxes and polystyrene, and made a trip to our local dump. (Not quite as fancy as going to antique shops!)



2pm – On our way back home, we popped into Prittlewell Priory, did a spot of dog-watching and checked-out the glorious crocuses. We spotted a little cafe on the grounds that we’re keen to visit, too!
DSC_8329 DSC_8333


3pm – Another quest for the day was cooking something new – we picked up some recipe cards at the shops and decided on this steak and wasabi mash. When we got home, we made a start…



4pm – … And then we sat down to eat about an hour later! We had yet to unearth our griddle pan, so that’s why our steak isn’t griddled. Oh, and, it was absolutely delicious!

DSC_8350 DSC_8354


5pm – We’ve been sorting through boxes and trunks and bags, trying to figure out where things go and if we need all of the things we’ve got… Look! A griddle pan! Doh!



6pm – Tea break!



7pm – We finally put together our Råskog trolley (we bought it nearly a month before!).


8pm – Sorting through even more boxes..! It seems that no matter how many times I unbox things and throw boxes away, somehow more magically appear. I think we may have a problem with “stuff”…


9pm – Wine, cuddles and Netflix. Yes please.



10pm – Community and box sorting.



11pm – Tucked up on the sofa before heading to bed. (Yes, I know, we both have absolutely adorable socks!)



There you have it, our last day of January! We’re still surrounded by a few boxes… But our home is definitely starting to take shape now. Every day I feel over-the-moon that we’ve been lucky enough to buy our first home together, eee!


Hope you enjoyed these photos – click the following links to have a gander at January 18th 2015 and January 27th 2014, and if you fancy seeing even more photo an hour posts, click the “photo an hour” tags at the top of the page!


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