Pre-Christmas 2012


Last but not least, here’s the promised selection of images showing what the lead up to Christmas looked like in our house this year: ‘doctored’ Christmas cards (note the Death Star!); yummy baked goodies (Malin is a magical baker); parcels full of gorgeous decorations from Malin’s ma (my favourites are the straw goats – so sweet); fun lights (that’s just one of many Christmas-themed lights in our house!) and family! I even made a stop-motion of the tree being ‘fluffed’ and decorated in our house… Click here to see the video on Flickr.







I hope that you’re having a lovely holiday full of family, friends and scrumptious edibles. Our plan is to play board games; pog ourselves full of food; drink (glögg shall be involved!) and be merry! And with that, I’m off to finish my Christmas wrapping…


Merry Christmas and God Jul from the five of us!


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