Project 365/Y5: Days 1-7


In the same vein as my daily self-portraiture project, I’ve decided to post the photos from my project 365 in weekly updates here, too! Here goes…



Day One, Year Five.



Day Two, Year Five.



Day Three, Year Five.



Day Four, Year Five.



Day Five, Year Five.



Day Six, Year Five.



Day Seven, Year Five.


A miniature re-cap to match the post of self-portraits I took in the same week… The start of a new year of photos, night shifts ahoy, university lectures a-go-go, seeing my lovely Hollyboo and Billy, paid work, DIY, DIY, DIY, some plumbing excitement in the kitchen, visiting the kitties at my mum’s house, coffee forever and getting to see my favourite band, Fairport Convention, perform at The Union Chapel in Islington. An awesome week, overall!


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