Project 365/Y5: Days 141-147


It turns out that gearing up for August has become a little intense; this week has been running away with me completely! I can’t believe that this Sunday/Monday we’ll be waving goodbye to July and greeting August. How did that even happen?!


This morning I’m sitting at my PC with my first cup of coffee today, wondering how Tuesday and Wednesday managed to sneak past without me writing a blog post. As things stand, Thursday’s TILT post was rather quick, too. We’ve finally worked our way through what I’ve named our “angry journalist coffee” (it’s bitter and jolts you awake!) and this morning I filled the grinder with Ozone’s “Empire”: a nougat, milk chocolate, caramel and orange espresso blend. Mmm!


On with the photos? On with the photos!



Day One Hundred and Forty One / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Forty Two / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Forty Three / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Forty Four / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Forty Five / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Forty Six / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Forty Seven / Year Five.


So, my week. After dropping Jack at the airport, I watched the sunrise (always so lovely, but I do love the sunrises in Westcliff and Leigh!) and made myself a slow, relaxing Saturday: coffee, reading, tidying, preparing for my last shift of this placement. The rest of the week saw meeting Jenn for the first time (we’ve been friends online for years and years but never had the opportunity to meet before!), working a 13 hour shift, spending a day training with the care company I work for, going through my paperwork with a lecturer and then later my mentor, both enjoying and struggling to cope with the heat (but thank goodness for the sunshine!), hanging with my two favourite orange kitties and then to finish the week off, I spent Friday evening at Hanningfield Reservoir tasting beer, watching bats (!) and eating BBQ food. It was a pretty lovely week, which was a glad distraction from Jack being on holiday!


Happy Friday all – hope you have a lovely weekend lined up full of happiness to enjoy with your favourite folks. Take care!


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