Project 365/Y5: Days 148-154


My current status: delighted to be full of jam on toast, eager for my second cup of coffee and feeling pretty darned happy that our smiley postman just delivered one of Jack’s birthday presents. Tuesday is a happy beast!


I’m already getting down to the scary revision topics for my exams next week, and it feels good! These exams definitely aren’t going to be sparkling and perfect, but this time next week I’ll have just one exam left to sit until I get a lovely 3 week break… What a wonderful reward that will be for the trials and tribulations of the past year! Before I get too ahead of myself, though, we’ve not even gotten through half of this week yet – and I’m here to share photos from last week!



Day One Hundred and Forty Eight / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Forty Nine / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Fifty / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Fifty One / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Fifty Two / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Fifty Three / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Fifty Four / Year Five.


I stayed over at my mum’s house on the Friday night and had my morning coffee outside, sitting by her awesome pond – and spotted that beautiful dragonfly above! I miss having a garden to wander around in, but I’m super grateful to have our roof terrace with all of our plant babies. I picked Jack up from the airport later that morning and we had a pretty relaxed weekend, just enjoying being together – Netflix and chill, to be precise. The week saw one exam, two evenings spent in London, me avoiding revision by tidying the flat, some revision, some tired kitties and me excitedly filling our grinder with a new bag of beans. Fresh beans FTW!


Tomorrow I’ll be posting my photo an hour for July – a very late post, as the photos were taken on the 30th! So keep your eyes peeled for that one. Until then, have a lovely Tuesday guys!

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