Project 365/Y5: Days 15-21


Time for another post of photos that don’t involve me and my over-photographed face..!



Day Fifteen / Year Five.



Day Sixteen / Year Five.



Day Seventeen / Year Five.


Day Eighteen / Year Five.



Day Nineteen / Year Five.



Day Twenty / Year Five.



Day Twenty One / Year Five.


Cats, cats, cats… More cats?


Seriously, though, these furry lovelies make me super happy on a daily basis, so it stands to reason that I document them so regularly. Ginger sleeps on our bed every night (he usually surfs on Jack, but occasionally he attempts to surf on me too – I fidget a little too much for him to do it regularly!) and is quickly claiming the bed as his own special space. Barns cycles his space constantly, usually choosing to settle in whichever place┬áJack and me have chosen to stay in. As shown by day nineteen, they’re getting used to each other, which makes me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy. D’aw!


One of the fabulous things that happened this week was Laurence, Lauren and Lule coming over for board games. Not only this, but they came and cooked us a delicious dinner to boot! Unfortunately I had a fierce headache and spent some of the time they were here comatose on the sofa, but it was lovely and relaxing to hear the three of them and Jack playing games together and laughing. A happy evening, and a happy week overall!

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