Project 365/Y5: Days 162-168


Thanks to a super-super-super long lay-in yesterday (ah, the bliss of not having to get up!), I wasn’t at my most productive in terms of hours, so the project365 photos from last week are coming to you today! Here goes…



Day One Hundred and Sixty Two / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Sixty Three / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Sixty Four / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Sixty Five / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Sixty Six / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Sixty Seven / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Sixty Eight / Year Five.


The week began with the most luxurious Saturday on record, really. I made Jack maple syrup pancakes and bacon for breakfast, alongside my version of a flat white (over-frothing the milk and in an attempt to make a pretty top put too much milk on and spill most of it on the floor… Tada!) whilst he opened his cards and gifts. We popped over our new favourite board games shop on our way to his folks’ house and picked up a new game on the way (Codenames!). We were greeted with many balloons, champagne, even more gifts and lots of happy, smiley faces! After the surprise guest of the day (Bags!) arrived, we blindfolded Jack to drive to his surprise birthday meal – Dinner by Heston (!!) which was amaaaaazing.


The rest of the week featured more food, more gifts, two gorgeous orange kitties being adorable non-stop, lots of two-player games of Codenames, nomming chocolates whilst watching White Collar, two exams done and dusted, my paperwork handed in for the year and a sense of completion, finally.




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