Project 365/Y5: Days 169-175


Despite having had the past week “off” from university, I’ve found myself entirely behind on my uploads, editing and blog posts. Oops! Thankfully, this is because I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy!



Day One Hundred and Sixty Nine / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Seventy / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Seventy One / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Seventy Two / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Seventy Three / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Seventy Four / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Seventy Five / Year Five.


My weekend was pretty hiddledy-piggledy. I spent my morning slowly waking up with the aid of coffee, HIMYM and two orange kitties. In the afternoon I walked to the station and caught a train to London, where I met Jack at his work in preparation to go to Bags’ together to watch Dota in the evening… The evening saw beer, burgers, Dota, Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes and much merriment! I fell asleep before the finale, because I’m rock ‘n’ roll like that… And shortly after, Jack drove us back to Essex as the sun started climbing into the sky. We got to Chalkwell in a bit of a bleary-eyed state, and I snapped some photos before we went home for a nap. When the nap was conquered, we knocked some coffee back with some pain au chocolat courtesy of Bags before throwing ourselves onto our bikes along the seafront. It felt pretty good to get my muscles moving!


The rest of my week has been a bit more normal – I spent Monday and Tuesday completing fairly mundane tasks that have been on my to-do list for a while (the Everest of which was getting my Getty uploads up-to-date – I have uploaded all of my images up to July 2016!), as well as starting up my Duolingo account and trying to get some cooking sorted! (Mondays photo is evidence of me trying Alice’s Lemon Ricotta Zucchina Pasta, which was delicious!).


Wednesday and Thursday were DIY days; I spent Wednesday at Sarah’s, mostly painting some walls with her (!) but also some other bits and bobs. We went from hers to IKEA via a ridiculous traffic jam (after 10 minutes of sitting in the car, we parked up and walked the 30 minutes there and back, and the traffic had barely moved) and picked up a couple of things. When I got home Jack was curled up feeling poorly, so we had a pizza night! On the Thursday, my folks came over and helped me get a bunch of jobs done in the flat, which was rad. In the afternoon I snagged a lift to the station (whilst lugging an enormous photo frame!) to meet Jack for a wonderful meal with his folks (pre-meal, we sat on a park bench in the sunshine wrapping presents and framing photos, which I imagine was quite the sight to behold!).


On Friday morning Jack felt progressively poorly, so we took the day easy to try and rest him up. A happiness of the day was seeing our sunflowers beginning to bloom on the roof terrace. Swoon!


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