Project 365/Y5: Days 183-189


I don’t know if it’s the same where you are, but right now it’s pretty sweltering here. I just sat down at my desk with a glass of water (which is already empty!), with the window open and Barns snuggled on my lap, and the air feels so still and heavy. Considering the recent spell of cold, I’m a little surprised!


I’m not entirely sure how Barns can bear to sit on my lap in this heat, but then I guess he has missed us while we went on our little holiday and is taking advantage of cuddles now he can get them easily!



Day One Hundred and Eighty Three / Year Five.


The week was a rad one, as I’ve already discussed in my post of self-portraits. Saturday we went out for breakfast with Bags – we went to The Grove and pogged ourselves silly, before popping into LOS donuts to treat ourselves even more! We played video games, watched some comedy and relaxed a lot in the afternoon. Sunday saw a super-long bike ride, more video games and some kitty cuddles… Basically a pretty chill weekend!



Day One Hundred and Eighty Four / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Eighty Five / Year Five.


On Monday I drove over to Paul and Louise’s to catch-up with them before heading over to Lisa and Paul’s. I took my camera with the aim of getting some shots of lovely folks, but there were so many people I didn’t know when I got there, that I chickened out and my camera stayed tucked in my bag for the entire time I was there! To make up for being such a wuss, I went home for Langdon Hills and took some photos of the countryside (something I rarely do on my lonesome!).



Day One Hundred and Eighty Six / Year Five.



Day One Hundred and Eighty Seven / Year Five.


Tuesday and Wednesday were split between relaxing and errands. Jack had the whole week off, so we got a lot of gaming done, as well as some cooking, but we also made an IKEA visit (mainly because I ran out of gherkins) and I bought a new bike (!!) which was one of the major excitements of the week.



Day One Hundred and Eighty Eight / Year Five.


On Thursday we got up bright and early to make our way to Somerset. We packed salmon and cream cheese bagels, made a flask of fresh coffee and then proceeded to pog the bagels before leaving Essex, and the coffee quite shortly after! We stopped off in Bristol at Atomic Burger (which has super burgers, and even better milkshakes!) and then arrived at the cottage just after 3pm. After settling in, we went out for a bike ride… And the hills were a bit much for me! I managed to get through the ride that we planned though, and we celebrated with yummy cheese and bread. Whoop!



Day One Hundred and Eighty Nine / Year Five.


Friday saw us waking up wonderfully late to eat croissants for breakfast. We packed up the bikes in the rain and drove to Braunton to do a bit of the Tarka Trail. A quick pub lunch later and we were cycling to Instow! We stopped there for half a pint and then cycled back to Braunton. We had a yummy dinner at The Notley Arms Inn, and then when we got back to the cottage we crashed in our pajamas and played Ticket to Ride until we were too sleepy to function..!


Phew. A lovely week before getting back into the swing of placements (!) which is, of course, what life is looking for me right now. Hope you’re having a wonderful week – take care of yourselves!


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