Project 365/Y5: Days 36-42


Another photography update! This post is brought to you from the week commencing the 2nd of April…


Day Thirty Six / Year Five.



Day Thirty Seven / Year Five.



Day Thirty Eight / Year Five.



Day Thirty Nine / Year Five.



Day Forty / Year Five.



Day Forty One / Year Five.



Day Forty Two / Year Five.


Hurrah! It was a really, really lovely week – mostly due to the fact that Jack took holiday from work! We saw a bunch of lovely folks (Caroline, Nori, Suki, Paul, Louise, Bags…), got lots of DIY done, spent some time in Leigh (which we love!) and also had a day out in Kent (between Canterbury and Whitstable). Much yummy food was devoured, and I was basically super-content just to spend so much time with Jack. Awesome week!


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