Project 365/Y5: Days 57-63


Here we are – daily photographs up-to-date to last Friday! Featuring lots of food and kitties..!



Day Fifty Seven / Year Five.



Day Fifty Eight / Year Five.



Day Fifty Nine / Year Five.



Day Sixty / Year Five.



Day Sixty One / Year Five.



Day Sixty Two / Year Five.



Day Sixty Three / Year Five.


This week was pretty varied – time spent at home, university, the beach and at Rob and Lauren’s; lots of cooking, eating and drinking; lectures, essay-writing and skills sessions; crazy weather flipping from one extreme to another..! The beginning of the week saw a lovely visit from Jack’s folks, and then end of the week saw the spring LAN party – sandwiched in the middle was a week of university shenanigans, including a meal out with the university ladies, a mock exam, handing-in some work and gearing up to my next placement. Phew!


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