Project 365/Y5: Days 78-84


Happy Tuesday, friends! As promised, here are my latest non-selfies, from the 14th of May, through to the 20th of May.



Day Seventy Eight / Year Five.



Day Seventy Nine / Year Five.



Day Eighty / Year Five.



Day Eighty One / Year Five.



Day Eighty Two / Year Five.



Day Eighty Three / Year Five.



Day Eighty Four / Year Five.


Time spent with my lovely Jack; lots of time spent petting kitties; time spent with family; time spent with friends; time spent tending to our plant babies; time spent at university learning about artificial feeding, newborn blood spot testing and newborn examinations; time spent on placement (featuring my fifth delivery!); time spent being happy and grateful for where my life is now, and excited for where my life is headed.


Hope you’re having a good one!


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