Project 365/Y5: Days 85-91


Good evening and happy Monday, folks. Here’s my non-SPs from the 12st to the 27th of May… I set myself the challenge of not taking cat photos this week (!) because I do tend to take pictures of Barns and Ginger at least every other day, for the most part. Thing is, they are ridiculously adorable constantly, and they are just so darn photogenic! Anyway, here are my photos taken throughout the week…


Day Eighty Five / Year Five.



Day Eighty Six / Year Five.



Day Eighty Seven / Year Five.



Day Eighty Eight / Year Five.



Day Eighty Nine / Year Five.



Day Ninety / Year Five.



Day Ninety One / Year Five.


Still-life May, eh? Bob (the charming rocking horse) is Jack’s childhood toy, and very much loved by his niece and nephews! When we visited his family at the weekend, Bob was inundated with attention..! The rest of the photos are still-lives around the flat (our kitchen blinds at night, raindrops on our patio table, a Lush bath bomb providing me with the most delicious-smelling and rainbow-coloured bath I’ve ever had, the sun shining through the blinds in our office creating beautiful shadows and Jack’s glasses) as well as a shot from our roof terrace of some of the rooftops down our road.

Hope you’ve had a grand Monday, whether you got to take advantage of the bank holiday (if you indeed had one at all!) or not. Take care, lovelies!

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