Project 365 #2


As mentioned in my post A Year of Self-Portraits #6 last week, alongside my daily self-portraiture project, I also challenged myself to take a daily non-self-portrait. Here are a few of the most popular photos from the latter project (as determined by Flickr!)…



Fifty / Year Two.


Ninety Nine / Year Two.


Two Hundred and Sixty Two / Year Two.


And lastly, my favourite non-self-portraits!



Top row L-R: Three Hundred and Six / Year Two. — Three Hundred and Fifty / Year Two. — One Hundred and Seventy Seven / Year Two. — One Hundred And Thirty Nine / Year Two.

Bottom row L-R: Three Hundred and Sixty Four / Year Two. — One Hundred and Ninety Six / Year Two. — Three Hundred and Fifty Two / Year Two. — Seventy / Year Two.


If you haven’t seen my post A Year of Self-Portraits #6, then you might not be aware that I have already started the new projects for the year ahead (!) so if you want to have a look, please head over to Flickr using these links…


Year Seven – 365 Days: 52 Weeks

Project365 / Year Three.




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