#RadicalSelfLoveJuly – Weeks 2 & 3


Two weeks ago I posted about my first week of submissions to #RadicalSelfLoveJuly 2015, a project devised by Gala Darling. I’ve now completed weeks 2 and 3 (bar one photo which I shall take today!), and am gearing up for week 4, and the few days following.


(Day 9 – #tbt style evolution, Day 8 – nail art, Day 16 – new moon ritual,
Day 12 – celebrate yourself, Day 11 – lip sync video, Day 15 my power word)

If you fancy having a look at my photos, check out either my Flickr or Instagram account (the photos are slightly differently but note that the reasoning/explanations behind my submissions are only on my Instagram account), and do check out everybody else’s photos while you’re at it!


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