A new recipe a month 2015, pt 1


It’s high-time that I updated you all on the progress of my goals and resolutions for this year, so I decided that my blog post for today would be all about one of those goals and resolutions that has been going extremely well – cooking one new recipe each month, throughout the year.


Click on the name of dish for a link to the recipe/s!


January – Walnut-stuffed chicken roulade


This wasn’t tricky (the most frustrating part was cracking our homegrown walnuts – I’d advise on getting some from the shops!), but it didn’t exactly look like the photo in the link. It tasted delicious, however (and looked pretty good if you didn’t see the photo in the link..!), and was enjoyed by all who ate it!


February – Millionaires’ Shortbread


Pretty easy to make, although my caramel was a little off-colour (! A slight green tinge!) thanks to be substituting one kind of sugar for another (I don’t remember what I used now, though). Tasted really good if you didn’t get a burnt bit, ha.


March – Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Teacakes


These were so good that I ended up making them twice! They didn’t look at professional as the Good Food ones, but oh boy! They were tasty, tasty.


April – Mince and Dumplings


Jack and I cooked this while we were on holiday in Devon, and it was perfect for a rainy night in at our beautiful AirBnB holiday home. I’ve yet to track down the recipe we used, but if I do I will add it!


May – Kale Cobb Salad with Facon Vinaigrette


We made a couple of changes to this recipe – we used bacon instead of facon (!) and we accidentally forgot to pick up the raspberries (!!) so we didn’t use those. As a result, we substituted the vinaigrette with some raspberry dressing, too… Anyhow, it was delicious, and I’m sure it would have been even better with the raspberries (but, I love bacon-bacon, so I’m happy with that change!).


June – Prinsesstårta


OMNOMNOM! We substituted the marzipan for icing, and did kind-of-sort-of use a few shop-bought things rather than making everything from scratch (shh, don’t tell Mary Berry!) bought it was still scrumptious, and we had good fun making it, too. The recipe we used was actually from the Great British Bake-Off book, but I reckon the one on the BBC Food page is probably the same/extraordinarily similar!


If you fancy reading about my other resolutions for 2015, take a gander at my blog post from January – Resolutions for 2015. Happy Tuesday, friends!

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