Goals & Resolutions 2014: Three Months To Go…


Just over three months to go until we reach 2015 (!) so I thought I better do a little post on my goals & resolutions for 2014, to encourage me to get a wriggle on with the ones I’m not working on as well as the others..! My original post on goals & resolutions for 2014 is here, and my six month re-cap is here.


  •  Buy only clothing that I consider to be ethical.

I’ve successfully not bought a single item of clothing so far this year, and have donated a couple of items. On target!

  • Read and chuck at least 30 books.

So far, I’ve read 22 books and donated 9. A little bit of work to do there…




  • Continue to purge possessions.

I’ve been making a clothing pile to either be donated or recycled, and clearing a few things out here and there. I will do more before the year is up, but am feeling pretty pleased with progress so far.

  • To complete a photo an hour post/session once a month.

So far, so good!


pah - jan-jun


  • Save £££.

Thanks to cancelling my trip to Asia, this is working out pretty well!

  • Learn some key phrases/basic words AND USE THEM whilst travelling.

I’m not going to be going abroad at all this year, so this goal is going to the back-burner until I’ll have the incentive to do some lingo-learning.

  • Get more crafty.

Two patchwork cushions, four hats for premature babies, one pair of scratch mittens and a skirt have been created so far. I’m also working on a papier-mâché bowl and am going to attempt to re-start knitting a shawl that I started a few years ago (!). Really happy with my progress with this goal!




  • Send out at least 3 meaningful pieces of snail mail before Christmas.

I’ve been preparing the snail mail, but I’m yet to have actually sent anything… So this needs a bit more work!

  • Try harder with my photography.

I mentioned thinking of a series or two to get myself to “aim” for something. Each week since, I’ve done one “face art” photo a week, and I’ve been doing some scrabble scanographs, too.

  • Eat more fruit and vegetables.

This is going okay. It could go a lot better, though. Need to up this one substantially!




  • Get some more exercise.

This was going really well prior to my eye operation, but I had to put a pause on everything whilst my eye healed up. I’ve had the go-ahead from the optician now though, so I’m getting back into it now!

  • More cooking/baking experiments.

Yeah… Fail so far. Will try harder over the next three months!




  • Get really organised.

My paperwork is looking happier now, and my PC is nearly organised to my satisfaction. I’m happy that I’ve started!

  • Keep up my new skincare regime.

Good for the most part. I couldn’t keep it up in Scotland, and because I got some mosquito bites on my face (! Ridiculous, I know!) I put a pause on it for a while afterwards. Back into the swing of it now, though!

  • Be more musical.

Fail so far! Oops. Better get going with that.

  • Set aside time for gaming.

Pretty good so far. I’ve played some games with Rob and Fredrik, but I really want to start working my way through the Double Fine games I’ve got. I’m really excited to have a go at the remastered Grim Fandango when it’s done!




Phew! Well, I’ve got 99 days to sort myself and my goals out… No time like the present! Hope you’re all having a grand week so far!


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