Resolutions for 2015


I like having a wee bit of time to mull over my achievements for the past year and consider what I want to aim for during the following one, so let’s split this down the middle… What goals did I achieve in 2014?

  • Buy only clothing that I consider to be ethical.
  • Read and chuck at least 30 books.
  • Continue to purge possessions.
  • To complete a photo an hour post/session once a month.
  • Save £££.
  • Get more crafty.
  • Try harder with my photography.
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables.
  • Get some more exercise.
  • Keep up my new skincare regime.
  • Set aside time for gaming.




And the goals that I struggled with?

  • More cooking/baking experiments. I did more cooking/baking this year than I have in previous years, but I would definitely like to get myself doing more. So, it’s getting a place with my goals for 2015.
  • Send out at least 3 meaningful pieces of snail mail before Christmas. Plain old fail on this one. I’m updating it and moving it to my 2015 goals!
  • Get really organised. I definitely had a good go at this, but I’m not entirely satisfied, so again – moving this to my 2015 goals too…
  • Be more musical. Again, epic fail. Hopefully 2015 will be the year!




So, my 2015 goals and resolutions are as follows…

  • Try at least one new recipe every month (and prove it with photographs, no matter how abysmal the results of my efforts are!)
  • Send 10 letters/cards via snail mail (birthdays and Christmas do not count!).
  • Organise myself. This means my paperwork, books, clothes and computer.
  • Practise the piano, violin or oboe for at least half an hour a week (this sounds like very little, but to me it will be a lot!).
  • Continue buying ethical clothing, and also consider ethical options when buying other items (cosmetics, food…).
  • Complete a photo-an-hour post each month.
  • Go swimming every week (and if this is for some reason difficult to do, I’m allowed to go cycling or walking instead, so long as I’m exercising!).
  • Be more creative (specifically, complete 3 pieces of embroidery, finish knitting my shawl, finish making the geometric cushion and make one item of clothing… Phew!)




There you have it! What are your goals for 2015?


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