Resolutions for 2016 – 6 month review


Hey guys! I’ve been thinking about life, the universe and everything, and thought I’d take a step back and consider how 2016 has been going so far… As July has well and truly arrived, it’s 6 months on since I made my resolutions for 2016, and I find it’s always a good idea to give myself a kick in the right direction where my goals are concerned! If you fancy taking a look at my original resolutions post, here it is: Resolutions for 2016.



So, my goals for this year?


  • Work hard at university and on placement – be proud of what I achieve throughout the year, and if I feel like I could have achieved more, try harder next time.

Well. The final placement I’ve been on I feel like I’ve worked my butt of with, really. Considering the ups and downs I’ve been going through I feel quite proud of how well I’m dealing with it all. I do know, though, that I can work harder – so I’ll keep going!




  • Move into the flat with Jack, and create a fabulous nest that we’re both thrilled to be in. We’re so excited already – I can’t wait!

Yesss! Living with Jack and getting to spend so much time together is making me so happy, every single day. I’m really grateful that we were able to buy our flat together and it’s been really fun decorating it together and getting to grips with our DIY skills! It really feels like home, too, which is pretty glorious.


  • Make an effort to communicate with the people I care about; letters, e-mails, texts, phone-calls, surprise visits, invites for dinner… Anything goes.

Oooph. I’m really pants at this sometime, and I’ll admit that I have been extra pants at this so far this year. I’m hoping now I’m off of placement, and essays and exams are out of the way, I might be able to get a bit better at this.




  • Continue cooking and baking with Jack. We might try to make a project or two out of cooking/baking together, but we may need to let the excitement of January pass before we make a decision on that!

Well, this ones gone swimmingly, though the photographic proof is less so… Living with each other makes cooking whatever, whenever a pretty easy feat to be honest! I’ll try to improve on taking photos..!


  • Make some reviews/posts about our favourite places. I’m thinking coffee shops, pubs and such-the-like.

I’ve made a start on creating the posts for this! I just haven’t started publishing them… Working on it!




  • Make an effort to have days with extra photos (more than my two 365 day projects!) – not necessarily a photo an hour each month (though it may well be, let’s see how it goes!), but something telling a story about the day or the event taking place… Things to remember for the future!

I’ve been doing this more than I used to, but still not enough. That said, I’ve cracked on with my photo an hour posts when I thought I’d have to give them up, so I’m not going to give myself a hard time about this one!


  • Go on more adventures – visiting new cities, going to gigs, trying a new hobby, tasting new foods, doing something different.

Sad trombone! We’ve mostly hung out in our new town, really. I’ve been to one gig (Fairport Convention in March, swoon!), I’ve been having a go at weaving (but I currently suck far too much to share my exploits, ha) and we did go on a day trip to Canterbury… But that’s it for the time being. Time to up my game!




  • Grow some plants and help them to survive. Pretty self explanatory..!

Yay! I’ve super enjoyed this one! Apart from a few weeks when I was ill/not coping as swimmingly as I’d like, I’ve been pretty good at watering things every day, re-potting and prettifying my plant babies. It’s also been really lovely to plant things with Jack and be gleeful together when we see things sprouting. Whee!


  • Get healthier. Cycling, walking, yoga, pilates, being more mindful of what I put in my mouth. Yup.

Urrrgh. Mostly doing okay with being more mindful of what I put in my mouth… Less good at everything else. I’ve been to morris practice once, been on one cycle ride, walked a little bit every now and then, and for a little while I was doing sit-ups and aerobics. But. I need to smash this a bit more!




  • Try a few more creative projects. I know, I know, if I didn’t manage it last year, will I this year? Who knows! I’d like to do a few more embroidery projects though, finish that geometric cushion (!!) and tackle a few more bits and bobs. 2016 is the year!

Well. Like I mentioned, I’ve had a go at weaving, and I did a spot of embroidery. I’m trying to start up some new photography projects too… But it’s all being a bit of a slow process. After exams?


Phew! There’s a lot of work yet to be done..! Any good ideas and how I can achieve these goals? Any goals you’re working on yourself? Let me know!

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