Resolutions for 2016


2016! How on Earth did that happen?! I’ve decided to jump in quickly to talk goals and resolutions for the new year… I didn’t smash my resolutions for 2015 like I usually do (I’m pretty stubborn, so once I’ve put my name to something, I like to get it right!), so consideration of what to aim for in 2016 is required…




So, what were my resolutions for 2015?


  • Try at least one new recipe every month (and prove it with photographs, no matter how abysmal the results of my efforts are!)
  • Send 10 letters/cards via snail mail (birthdays and Christmas do not count!).
  • Organise myself. This means my paperwork, books, clothes and computer.
  • Practise the piano, violin or oboe for at least half an hour a week (this sounds like very little, but to me it will be a lot!).
  • Continue buying ethical clothing, and also consider ethical options when buying other items (cosmetics, food…).
  • Complete a photo-an-hour post each month.
  • Go swimming every week (and if this is for some reason difficult to do, I’m allowed to go cycling or walking instead, so long as I’m exercising!).
  • Be more creative (specifically, complete 3 pieces of embroidery, finish knitting my shawl, finish making the geometric cushion and make one item of clothing… Phew!)




Ack. You guys.



  • I managed a new recipe every month (proof in a blog post to follow!) and was pretty pleased with what I achieved. I’ve been cooking/baking a lot with Jack lately, because it’s 1000x more enjoyable cooking with someone else.
  • I got pretty darned organised so I’m counting that as done. Organisation is my ‘always’ resolution it seems; I like it, so it’s a good excuse to do it…
  • I’ve only bought ethical clothing, and I’ve bought very little of it, too. I bought 2 dresses total for the year, if my memory serves me correctly – both from charity shops, total spent: £7. The rest of my new clothing was hand-me-downs. Winning.
  • My photo-an-hour posts have been completed every month like I wished (again, one more blog post to come for my photo an hour for December – keep your eyes peeled!), so that’s a big ol’ tick for the list.





  • Sending letters/cards via snail mail not for birthdays or Christmas? I don’t think I sent a single one. Aside from thank you letters, and I’m not counting those either..!
  • Practising music for half an hour each week worked for about two months, and then went completely down the pan. I’ve not touched an instrument in months, at least partially due to the fact that I’ve taken none of my instruments to my new home since I moved in, in May. Doh.
  • Go swimming every week, again, worked for a good time until it went down the pan. I swam regularly, cycled a bit, and walked when I could to make up for it. Seeing as I walk for 40+ minutes to get the bus for university each day, I could possibly argue that I completed this… But it doesn’t feel complete enough for me.
  • Be more creative. Well. I’ve tried to push myself with my photography, and I made a stop-motion video for a class at university. I did do three pieces of embroidery (I made a card for Jack’s birthday and two pieces for #RSL July). My geometric cushion is still unfinished (though more finished than it was!) and I’ve done barely anything else. So yeah, I’m thinking that’s another fail.




So, I make that 50/50. It could be worse. Right? Right!


A few of my resolutions for 2016 are a bit different from the years before… Here goes!


  • Work hard at university and on placement – be proud of what I achieve throughout the year, and if I feel like I could have achieved more, try harder next time.
  • Move into the flat with Jack, and create a fabulous nest that we’re both thrilled to be in. We’re so excited already – I can’t wait!
  • Make an effort to communicate with the people I care about; letters, e-mails, texts, phone-calls, surprise visits, invites for dinner… Anything goes.
  • Continue cooking and baking with Jack. We might try to make a project or two out of cooking/baking together, but we may need to let the excitement of January pass before we make a decision on that!
  • Make some reviews/posts about our favourite places. I’m thinking coffee shops, pubs and such-the-like.
  • Make an effort to have days with extra photos (more than my two 365 day projects!) – not necessarily a photo an hour each month (though it may well be, let’s see how it goes!), but something telling a story about the day or the event taking place… Things to remember for the future!
  • Go on more adventures – visiting new cities, going to gigs, trying a new hobby, tasting new foods, doing something different.
  • Grow some plants and help them to survive. Pretty self explanatory..!
  • Get healthier. Cycling, walking, yoga, pilates, being more mindful of what I put in my mouth. Yup.
  • Try a few more creative projects. I know, I know, if I didn’t manage it last year, will I this year? Who knows! I’d like to do a few more embroidery projects though, finish that geometric cushion (!!) and tackle a few more bits and bobs. 2016 is the year!




I’m feeling pretty excited about 2016 already, and I’m feeling pretty hopeful that I can see these goals through to 2017! What are your aims for the year ahead?


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