Resolutions for 2013


I like resolutions. I like to have aims and structured goals, even if they’re not entirely realistic! In 2012, my main resolutions were to save money for a house, read 52 books and to buy only ethical/sustainable/eco-friendly clothing. I’m glad to report that I succeeded on all three points.


♥ We’d been searching since January for a house and saw ours for the first time in February before putting in our offer. We moved in on the 11th of May! We’ve made huge progress in decorating it but we have a long day to go too… Click here to see a set of image of the house on Flickr.


♥ Reading 52 books was a resolution that I also set myself and completed in 2011. I love reading but I’m not sure it’s particularly realistic to try and up-the-ante by getting myself to read more than 52! Click here if you’d like to see the list of what I read in 2012 on LibraryThing.


♥ The last was probably the hardest – I was unable to find a single high-street shop that had a range that would fit my personal perception of ethical clothing! This meant that I shopped purely on the internet or thrifted and as the end of the year rolled around I was very much in need of underwear and tights. Ethical tights aren’t something I’ve been able to find, and ethical underwear is either not to my taste or so ‘styled’ that it barely resembles underwear… This said, the resolution itself not only saved me a great deal of money, but it also introduced me to what is now my favourite ‘shop’ – People Tree.




This year, I’m switching the goals up a little…


♥ Owning two houses would be a bit greedy, so instead I’m saving up for camera equipment! I’m not entirely sure on the exact pieces, but I want Snufkin to have some shiny, new toys.


♥ I will not buy any physical books for myself, unless they are second-hand. The aim of this is to read the many, many books that I already own prior to buying myself an electronic reader. A joy of being a literature student is I own lots of books but the curse is that I never seem to be able to catch up with myself! At last count, I had over 80 books unread in my possession… This must be changed!


♥ Common sense will prevail when I go shopping. If I can purchase something from People Tree (or another ethical retailer!) rather than a chain (especially if it is a store well-known for being unethical) then I will. Most importantly, I won’t buy on whim!






♥ Making an effort with photography – looking back on the past four-five years of self-portraiture 365 projects, there’s a definite lack of enthusiasm in my work right now. I’m finding it hard to think of ideas or inspiration… I need to change that!


♥ Debs and I are starting a new photographic project! We’re aiming for it to be weekly-ish but we’re making the rules between us, so it shan’t be too strict. The project itself is going to have a Tumblr all of its own (swish!) which I shall post a link to when it’s up and running.


Are you making any resolutions this year? Or perhaps 4 Simple Goals?



2 Replies to “Resolutions for 2013”

  1. Yay! I’m excited to see what that blank tumblr will look like in the weeks/months to come 🙂

    Your lack of enthusiasm for the 365 doesn’t show to me, anyway, but I know what you mean. I prefer it when my heart is really in my photos, and I feel like I have truly made an effort.

    Good luck with all your goals! 🙂

    1. I’ve only just seen this comment! I must have accidentally turned off comment notification or something daft, oops!

      I’m really enjoying watching the photos growing on the tumblr, exciting!


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