Right now.


Thinking of:
Sleeping! Having come to the end of the first year of this degree, I want nothing more than to feel rested and rejuvenated before I jump into the second year. I also feel pretty headache-y and sore after running around a bit today… So yeah, sleep sleep sleep! Also, DIY projects forever, because I can’t help myself. I feel like I might want to paint something tomorrow… I’m not sure what yet, though.


White Collar & How I Met Your Mother. Both awesome in different ways!




Sort of nothing, sort of still Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah Buckley… Since I last did a Right Now post, I have read Elizabeth Is Missing, I Let You Go and The Miniaturist. It’s not that GBGM isn’t wonderful, but I’ve really missed reading fiction novels!
DIY projects, mainly! And trying to meet up with some folks of the next few weeks, in between the long naps I’m eager to have, ha! I also have plans to get my Getty Images submissions up-to-date, because there’s no excuse not to, finally.




My pink buffalo plaid People Tree dress and black tights. I was wearing a black bolero and golden ballet pumps earlier, but it’s gotten far too warm in the flat this afternoon to wear extra things!
Listening to:
My August 2016 playlist on Spotify – Peter Broderick, Intervals, Basia Bulat, The Decemberists, Max Frost…




Tonight we eat jacket potatoes and ragoût, though I’m not hungry for it yet! Today I’ve eaten toast with jam, plenty of black coffee, a pot of fruit and some more toast with cheese. I’m pretty much in love with toast, these days.
My fringe to be shorter, for the weather to be lovely over the weekend and to feel a bit calmer now that my exams have passed.




Looking forward to:
Spending time with Jack on Sunday, and Jack, Bags and Sam on Saturday night (Dota and board games, yeah!). Seeing our sunflowers bloom, That and seeing as many lovely folks as I can over the next few weeks, whilst I have some free time!


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