Right now.


Thinking of:
Going on holiday! But, really..? how I should be doing so many things right now. I have the biggest pile of university work to get done, which I’m slowly, slowly, slowly working my way through. I’d like some extra time!

My new black and white polka dot dress, with a pair of thermal long johns borrowed from Laurence years ago. When I popped to shops earlier I wore my black & purple DMs, but now I’m all about my slippers…


We have one episode of Dirk Gently left to watch, then I’m not sure what we’ll watch next. I just finished the first series of Jane the Virgin, but am feeling pretty content watching the new series of Call the Midwife right now.

“Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman, which I’m really enjoying.

My current essay… Wish me luck!

Listening to:
The washing machine whirring and my February 2017 playlist on Spotify – Säkert!, Pomplamoose, Bo Kasper’s Orkester, Violents and Thomas Stenström… 


Tonight we are having takeaway from Yak and Yeti to celebrate Valentine’s Day! There’s a bottle of Prosecco chilling in the fridge, and I bought us cake from Stop The World… So far today I’ve had black coffee, water, pink tea and cheese on toast. Mmm, just thinking about food makes me feel hungry all over again…

Jack to come home from work. To finish this essay. Some lovely shifts to come my way this week.



Looking forward to:
Jack coming home from work and having a glass of Prosecco with him. Also can’t wait to try the food at Yak and Yeti for the first time! Spending time with Laurence and Luke next weekend, getting up-to-date with Getty submissions and of course, finishing this essay… Back to it I guess!

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