Right now.


Thinking of:
Finishing painting the flat and other DIY projects I want to start/finish. Trying to come up with new photography projects. Making a start on dinner. Dusting the office (how is it desks get so dusty?!). Trying to decide on gift ideas for some birthdays coming up. Studying I want to get done before my next shift (there’s always so many things to learn!)…


The Disappearance. It’s a French drama currently available on BBC iPlayer, playing on BBC Four. It’s being released 2 episodes at a time, which is a treat!




Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah Buckley. It’s a book focused on informed choice during pregnancy, instinctive birth and empowerment for postpartum/motherhood. I bought it before starting my degree and am only just getting round to reading it..!


A holiday with Jack in August – I have three weeks to go on adventures! We’ve been making Airbnb wishlists and checking flights – it’s been really lovely making holiday plans together. Any thoughts about places you’d recommend? We’d love suggestions!




Old leggings and my NaNoWriMo shirt (aka, my DIY outfit – I painted the ceiling in the bathroom earlier this afternoon!), complete with holes and paint smudges. Very fashion-savvy, me…


Listening to:
My June 2016 playlist on Spotify.




A courgette and goat’s cheese salad, soon. I’m just waiting for Jack to leave work so I can make a start on dinner.


… Jack to come home!






Looking forward to:
My next shift at the midwifery-led birthing unit, finishing placement and going back to university (can’t wait to see all the university ladies!), getting to see Caroline and Nori get married next month, going to a surprise birthday party in a few weeks, becoming a second year student midwife (!!), celebrating Jack’s birthday, going on holiday, finishing decorating our bedroom and bathroom… So many things to look forward to!


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