Rochester Sweeps Festival 2013


As I’ve already mentioned, I went to the Rochester Sweeps Festival this year. It’s my seventh year as a performer (!) and I had a great time dancing and meeting up the familiar, friendly faces that I only see once a year at Rochester…





Unfortunately I didn’t take a great deal of photos this year. I deliberately took my 50mm lens because I’ve been neglecting it a lot recently, but as I should have been able to predict, I felt a little nervous about getting in people’s faces with it (which is why the majority of photos I have taken are of my side!). Alongside this, it felt like there were fewer sides dancing, which meant that I only got to snap photographs briefly in between the dances that I was dancing myself.






Nonetheless, I had a wonderful time as usual! There were pretty much a zillion highlights for me, but: I went to one of the ceilidhs for the first time ever (every night there is a ceilidh held for the dancers at the campsite) and had great fun; I made some awesome friends and I really enjoyed dancing the procession with Westrefelda Morris (especially our “sunbathing” figure – as soon as I see a photograph of that I’ll be linking it up!).






Hope you’ve enjoyed the photos! If you fancy taking a peek at a couple more, take a gander at my Rochester Sweeps Festival Collection on Flickr and the Rochester Sweeps Festival Group on Flickr. For a little information on Rochester Sweeps Festival, please see this post.


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